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Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater - U Type

Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater - U Type

Applicable Place
Bigger houses, as well as commercial buildings such as hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, apartments etc.
Running Mode
Heating, or Cooling
Heating Output(KW)
Power Supply
Running Temperature range(ºC)
Max. Water Temperature(ºC)
Refrigerant Type
Delivery Time
25~35 days
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Product Features and Advantages

Wide Application Ranges
The commercial air source heat pump is designed for offering central hot water for bigger houses, as well as commercial buildings such as hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, apartments etc. The hot water outlet range is wide from 20℃ to 60℃, meeting demands for most hot water project. Modular control system is available to meet the demand of huge hot water projects.

High Efficiency and Long life-span
High efficiency compressor, with durable features against high temperature and high pressure for long life. 
The Tube in shell heat exchanger as condenser, with bigger heat exchanging area and higher efficiency, is durable for anti-corrosion, hard water, high pressure and unexpected freeze caused by power cut-off.   
The hydrophilic fin-tube heat exchanger has big heat exchanging area and rational fin distance, thus significantly improves heating and defrosting efficiency. 
The reliable 4 way valve can avoid gas mixing, and ensure stable defrosting 

Full Consideration for Noise Control
Compressor rubber feet are specially selected for reducing vibration. Specially, compressor sound jacket is available for every unit.
The exterior motor fan, with multiple fan blades, is strictly balanced. The multiple fan blades run slower, and make sure high air volume, thus largely brings down the noise. 

Simple Maintenance and Serviceability
Full access for maintenance or service is provided from the maintenance panel, for better flexibility in confined space. Easy removal of the control box from the unit provides access to all refrigerant components. 

Cooling function is optional!

Product Specifications

Model No.KRS-100E/N2-MKRS-200E/SN2-MKRS-300E/SN2-MKRS-380E/SN2-MKRS-450E/SN2-MKRS-550E/SN2-MKRS-630E/SN2-M
Power supplyPh-V-Hz220V/1PH/50HZ380V/3PH/50HZ
Working temp-15℃~43℃
Max. outlet Water  temp.60℃60℃60℃60℃60℃60℃60℃
Water Heating (A20/W55)CapacityKW10.5193038455563
Hot water yieldL/h22640864581796711821354
Input powerKW2.554.557.29.210.813.516
Max. input  consumptionKW3.576.3710.0812.8816.220.2524.00
Max. input currentA17.4510.9718.3622.1827.893342
Starting currentA63525160676876
Toshiba   Sanyo  Sanyo   Sanyo   Sanyo   Sanyo   Sanyo   
Copper tube in shell
Hydrophilic aluminium
Throttling element 
Emerson  thermostatic expansion valve
Wire controllerType
Intelligent   &   LCD
Set Temp.25~60
Water  systemmaterials of water  pipe
water flowm3/h2.
Water different pressureKpa40505555555555
Diameter,water inlet pipemmDN25DN25DN40DN40DN40DN50DN50
Diameter,water outlet pipemmDN25DN25DN40DN40DN40DN50DN50
Design pressure Mpa4.2/0.024.2/0.024.2/0.024.2/0.024.2/0.024.2/0.024.2/0.02
Outdoor noise  level  (1 meter)dB(A)55575860616363
Outdoor  unitDimension(L*W*H)mm752*690*765752*690*9651450*702*9501450*702*10601450*702*12602150*765*12902150*765*1290
▲Testing condition: ambient Dry/Wet  Bulb Temp.: 20℃/15℃; Water Inlet/Outlet Temp.: 15℃/55℃.
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