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A2 & B Series Air to Water Heat Pump

A2 & B Series Air to Water Heat Pump

Applicable Place
Home,Villa, Etc.
Running Mode
DHW, Heating, or Cooling
Heating Output(KW)
Power Supply
220V/50HZ or 380V/50HZ
Running Temperature range(ºC)
Max. Water Temperature(ºC)
Refrigerant Type
Delivery Time
25~35 days
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Air to Water Heat Pump – A2 & B Series

Products features and advantages:

1. DHW and house heating function, cooling is optional in B series

2. Use eco-friendly refrigerant R410A;

3. Use bigger heat exchanger with higher efficiency – COP exceeds 4.0 at Air 7℃ /Water35℃;

* Use famous components, like Japanese brand compressor, Emerson ALCO expansion valve, Siemens electric, etc., high quality and reliability
* Emerson expansion valve keeps the most suitable refrigerant flow in any case.
* SWEP stainless steel plate heat exchanger, 100% stainless water circuit

4.  Intelligent microprocessor control with heating curve, which is especially good for house heating and can reduce electricity consumption furthermore. 

5. Perfect protection design such as anti-frost protection, high/ low pressure protection, water flow protection, high-temp protection, etc., and automatic defrost function, assuring the system to run safely and efficiently even in hard conditions

6. Electric protection class IPX4

7. CE-RoHS certification by TUV

Products Specifications:

Models  NoRJ(P)-80H/N2
Heating Capacity/Power Input (KW) [1]at A7/W35ºC [2]8.4/1.911.5/2.814.3/3.416.8/3.821.8/5.127.8/7.1
at A2/W35ºC [2]7.4/1.910.0/2.812.4/3.414.5/3.718.6/5.124.0/7.0
at A7/W45ºC [2]8.2/2.211.0/3.413.6/4.216.0/4.520.9/6.026.9/8.0
at A15/W50ºC [2]9.8/2.512.9/3.815.9/4.618.8/5.125.0/6.631.9/8.5
at A7/W50ºC [2]8.1/2.410.7/3.713.2/4.515.7/4.920.3/6.526.8/8.5
at A2/W50ºC [2]7.1/2.49.5/3.711.7/4.513.7/4.718.0/6.623.7/8.4
at A-7/W50ºC [2]5.3/2.27.0/3.78.6/4.59.8/4.513.5/6.417.7/8.4
Cooling Capacity/Power Input(KW)at A35/W18ºC [2]9.2/2.612.3/3.515.1/4.315.9/5.322.7/7.031.8/9.6
at A35/W7ºC [2]7.0/2.39.5/3.111.6/3.814.0/4.718.0/6.224.6/8.7
Max.Power Input  (KW)
Max.Current (A)
Electric Supply220V/50HZ220V/50HZ or  380V/50HZ380V/50Hz
Max.water  Temperature (ºC)60
Running Temperature  range (ºC)-18~43
Refrigerant CircuitRefrigerant R410A(Kg)3.353.
Compressor TypeRotaryScrollScrollScrollScrollScroll
Heat ExchangerHigh  Efficiency fin-tube heat exchanger
Fan Motor  (W)150250150x2150x2250x2250x2
Air Flow (M3/H)300040005500550075007500
Water  CircuitHeat ExchangerSWEP brand plate heat exchanger
In/Out PipeDN25(1'')DN25(1'')DN25(1'')DN32(1-1/4")DN32(1-1/4")DN32(1-1/4")
Water Flow (M3/H)≥1.1≥1.5≥1.9≥2.2≥3.0≥3.8
Pressure Loss (Kpa)131415151822
Permitted Pressure0.8MPa
Unit  Dimensions   WxHxD (MM)1090*875*4001090*960*4001090*1260*4001090*1260*4001090*1430*4001090*1430*400
Net Weight (Kg)95128133135155190
Noise Level at  1m/4m/10m (dB(A)54/42/3456/44/3658/46/3858/46/3860/48/4060/48/41

[1]The data of stable running condition (when defrosting,the  average heating capacity reduces about 10% compare to corresponding data)
[2]Surrounding  air temperature/ outlet water  temperature 


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